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Chapter 867 is titled "Happy Birthday". All in all, I'm not that surprised that carmel was evil. Whenever we first saw carmel, I always had the inclination that she looked like a suspect person who was not dedicated to the ways of religion. There appears to be a difference between these spoilers and the one at bakadata. The one at baka data says that bm eats teh chairs and table out of happiness and also more heavily implies that she ate the kids and carmel. This arch is the arch of twists and desception and explains so much. I feel looking back at this arch even those complaining will love it cause with so many twists the further it goes your perspective widens and you see odas true design. The man said it himself "I don't mind if people complain in the beginning and middle of an arch cause I'm sure by the end I will have created something satisfying". Mother carmel being a bad b*tch from the world government is the best twist that oda has thrown into the fire for quite sometime now! There's always more than it seems on the surface. Very confused based on the initial summary but I suppose its saying that linlin ate carmel and the other children when they got near the semla. Damn, caramel was a child trafficker, messed up, and especially messed up that the world government was actually buying these children as well, showing the evil of this organization and why it should be stopped.

Mother Carmel

Carmel is a nun who ran the "Sheep's House" on Elbaf which took in orphans of all races several decades ago. Known as the "Holy Mother", she was called "Sister Carmel" in her younger days and later "Mother Carmel" when she took control of the Sheep's House. Most notably, she took care of a young Charlotte Linlin, who would later go on to become the Yonko Big Mom. armel is an elderly woman with a large, wrinkled face and a square-shaped jawline. She has long, wavy light hair and wears lipstick. She wears dark nun's robes that have light frills on them, as well as a similarly-designed headdress. She was seen holding a cigarette in her hand. At age 43, Carmel had no wrinkles on her face and lacked lipstick. Carmel is known as the "Holy Mother" due to her extremely kind and compassionate nature.

She would always see the good in others, evident that when Linlin was still a child and would go on rampages and destruction, she always forgives her because she believes she is a kind person. During her youth, Carmel pleaded mercy for condemned members of the Giant Warrior Pirates who were sentenced to death by the Marines. Carmel even set up an orphanage and took in children that have no home of their own regardless of race or status, from a former prince to a slave. Even Linlin became extremely attached to Carmel due to her kindness. Carmel has shown herself to be an extremely charismatic orator. She successfully convinced the World Government to spare the lives of several infamous giant pirates by herself, and as she was speaking, she was illuminated by a beam of light during a thunderstorm. Her speech of benevolence and mercy even moved the condemned giant pirates to tears. The giants of Elbaf including Jorl and Jarl even held great respect for Carmel's ideology in pacifism despite their dedication to militarism. She could also care for dozens of children of many varieties even in her old age, most notably Charlotte Linlin, as she was one of the few people whose words could quell Linlin's impulses. However, her capabilities are not absolute, as Linlin eventually snapped and went on a rampage after a week without food. After the Giant Warrior Pirates disbanded, some of their members were captured by the Marines and were about to be executed. Sister Carmel stepped up and convinced the Marines to release them, saying that the warriors of Elbaf would seek vengeance if they died. Eventually, Carmel became known as the Holy Mother. She took in children who has no place of their own regardless of their race. She opened an orphanage called the Sheep's House. After Charlotte Linlin was abandoned by her parents at the age of five, Carmel took her in as well. Carmel would always forgive Linlin, no matter how much damage she caused. She encouraged Linlin to persevere during Elbaf's twelve day fasting period. When Linlin went on a rampage, Carmel attempted to stop Jorl from attacking her. At some point after this incident, Carmel left Linlin under unknown circumstances. During all of her Tea Parties, Linlin places a picture of Carmel across from her at the table. If Carmel's picture is damaged, Big Mom will enter a psychological crisis, which will render her able to be physically injured. Reportedly, this information is privy only to the Charlotte Family.